The Group

Fifty years of experience in the field means a guarantee of reliability and excellence. Quality and superlative details are always our goal.

The Cengarle Group works and collaborates on hospitality, commercial and residential projects for both domestic and international clients.

Home Furnishing

To place your trust in the Cengarle Home Furnishing means to live in an environment where yesterday meets today, where classics and contemporary can come together in a perfect mixture, created by an expert team specifically for your needs and desires.

All the way from the design phase, through the fascinating production process, to the realisation phase, where you can see your ideas come into form.

Furniture of timeless luxury and refined form, it will sweep you off your feet with premium materials and absolute designs, each piece tailored to your desires.

Logo Immobilien Bianco

Along with his team of experts, Cengarle Immobilien pick and choose the best solutions for each project, making it unique and highly personalized.

Cengarle Immobilien has developed a wide range of services to meet the demands and challenges of an ever changing market.

Connections beyond Europe

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Cengarle Group represents professionalism and dedication inherent in Italian tradition and culture, offering unique pieces, from entirely tailored furniture to luxurious high-end fabrics.